The meaning of a “Girl”

A bunch of feminist-esque songs with the word girl in the tittle 🙂 Enjoy!

Madona: What it Feels Like For a GirlI put up the Glee version, because it really touched me when I heard the guys from the cast sing it, when I watched the episode 🙂

Corine Bailey Ray: Girl Put Your Records OnI found a video on YouTube where the name had girl in it so it counts 😛 and it’s a live acoustic performance so it’s just that much better 🙂 These lyrics are words of wisdom if ever there were any. To me modern feminism is a very positive thing, that’s farther from the past than, I think, most people think it is. It’s something I do just for me. It’s me trying to adapt a way of being and thinking that sets me free in life. Free from expectations I might have about myself or I think other people might have for me. Something that lets me “let my hair down” like the song says 🙂 Just to be conscious of expectations, and avoid any influence that doesn’t serve my life’s purpose and make me happy. I support other women, just like I support my male friends. Feminism is about equality. There was a guest on an old game-show who introduced herself saying “I’m an Aerospace Engineer and a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. Some people think outside the box, I just like to live outside it 🙂 ” To me that’s what modern feminism is all about; Not letting yourself get boxed in 🙂

Sugarbabes: GirlsThis whole thing started when I heard this song in a shampoo commercial and had to look it up online. I love running to these Sugarbabes songs. Feel good music ❤

Sugarbabes: About a Girl😀

Robyn: Who’s that girlI love Robyn. Her song “You can’t handle me” is one of my favs 🙂 Remember her from the 90’s? Show me love? She got away from her record label after that so she could have more artistic freedom, started doing small shows at first, then larger ones, then made her own record label 🙂 Love to see a woman stepping out on her own 🙂

Marina and the Diamons: Girls

I love this song. I’m def one of the guys sometimes 😛 When I was little I liked vediogames and snowforts more than hanging out with girls who could sometimes be vicious. I’ve known a lot of sweet girls growing up too, but I would sometimes get bored playing with girls 😛 I have a lot of wonderfull women in my life now 🙂 but I still like hanging out with my boys 🙂 Really women treat ourselves the way we do because we’re still a repressed group in society, we don’t want to take up space (stay skinny stay hot stay quiet) and we don’t want each other doing it so it just sucks and it’s not anyone’s fault really but this song just reminds me of my rebellion against that.

I’ve never counted calories, and I hate it when other girls/ women do it.  I pay more attention to fashion now that I’m older, so I can understand the appeal. I don’t like it though, when I see girls at the gym, on the ellipticals, reading fashion magazines while they work out. Are you so bored? You’re not really breaking a sweat if you can leaf through a magazine at the same time, and I feel like they’re just looking at what they want to look like and it makes me sad that that’s why they’re there. I love to really push myself when I work out. I love the rush of it. I just don’t understand going to the gym just to burn calories. The gym would not be a happy place for me, if I went there to burn fat. I wouldn’t go to the gym if I was so bored that I needed to listen to music AND browse a magazine WHILE working out, those are for waiting rooms lol.

Nope, no calorie counting/ burning for me. I love food, I eat what I want, when I want, and I work out when I want to have fun and feel healthy. I’ve always put emphasis on having a positive relationship with food. I hate seeing women torture themselves because they want to eat. YOU’RE HUNGRY! EAT SOMETHING! It keeps you alive! I’ve never been on a diet in my life. Back in HS after I started working at a bakery, I put on a whole lot of weight. I was in a really good place at the time and gratefully I was just able to accept and love my new size. Whatever size I am is perfect, unless it’s causing me health problems. When I started taking gym class again, still in HS, it was just something to try. I was actually kind of sad to lose the weight I did, at first, because I really came to love my curvier self. Funny how that “eye of the beholder” stuff works. Then I started to love exercise. I got really athletic and more muscular in my first year of university, I had almost no curves, but came to see that as beautiful, because I had a positive relationship with the training I loved to do, and I loved to be strong. It’s not like I haven’t had times where I thought hhmm look at those love handles 😦 but it’s very important for me in life, to love what I am, and not try to change that, and that’s a big part of what feminism is about for me.

Marina and the Diamonds (Marina Diamandis) is awesome.”the diamonds” stands for her fans, not her band! 🙂 It’s also the translation of her last name from Greek. Yay! another Greek feminist woman. I love her 🙂 She has a lot of other more interesting stuff out there. Check out some of her videos if you want here(,,,

Destiny’s Child: GirlClasic ❤ I love this one.

No Doubt: I’m just a girlAnother classic 🙂

City and Colour: The GirlThis is kind of an appropriate song for mother’s day too, if you listen to some of the lyrics 🙂 I love this song 🙂 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I LOVE YOU MOM! ❤ Love to your mother internet! 🙂

Ciara ft T-Pain: Go GirlAnother feel good song. I love running to this 🙂 I can hang, and I think that’s why they call me GO GIRL! 😀

Pink: Stupid GirlsHow can I not include this song into this post. I love Pink. Loved her ever since I got her debut album in middle school ❤

Nikki Flores: This GirlJust found this song for this blog. Such a beautiful song. It’s cheesy but I loved the lyrics when I looked them up. If you don’t want to have to suffer through the cheese here are the lyrics alone 😛 If you’re watching the lyrics in the youtube video: Once upon a time = one step at a time. That bugs me cuz I love that line and there isn’t a single posting of this song on youtube that didn’t have the wrong lyrics in it haha

Shalom internets, and happy mother’s day 🙂


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