The Ego

Found this here: Thought it was perfect.

So, so far I’ve taken this blogging thing, too seriously, not that I’ve even touched this blog in ages. I have three half finished blogs sitting in my dashboard, one is an ode to Anita Roddick, which I probably just won’t be happy with untill it’s a book about everything awesome about her 😛 another one is a collection of ideas about ideas called IDEAS!! haha and the other one is an old updated goals list which I should delete. There’s a saying that if you want to get something done, don’t tell people what your goals are. Which is true, because they’ve done studies on this and you get satisfaction, just from the announcement that you’re going to be doing these great things, feel very accomplished, and then don’t do as much work to actually make them happen.

So goals is a bad thing to blog about. I want to be a bit more candid though. I’ve made the effort to do this before but I still apologize for things for no really good reason and worry whenever I want to say something about gender or anything that can be unpleasant to talk about. Myself, in person, I’m always extremely candid. I think that’s a good thing. Some people are really good at getting down to the nitty gritty though, I really admire that. Like this guy. LOVE that blog.

I was having dinner with my friend Jen last week and she was talking about a blog post she wrote recently on her lunch break at work when she suddenly had an urgent idea for a blog and had to get the idea out. Like she says in the post she didn’t even edit it. I’ve been writing songs and poems in my diary for as long as I can remember and the best ones are just when I can’t even control what’s coming out of me and I have no idea where it came from but I HAD TO write it down.

I had a similar experience at 5:30 am last night when I couldn’t get to sleep, and made this Facebook note about ego. I don’t worry about being professional on Facebook, but that’s why I enjoy making notes on there. It’s no sweat. I should do that more here. Cut out the EGO 😛 and just lose myself in the flow of expression 🙂 So here’s my poem/ Facebook note about the ego 🙂

I can’t sleep cuz I drank caffeine at 9pm and my ego was bothering me when I went to bed, so I went for my diary to get it out but I didn’t want to get up to turn on the light so I put it in a note on my windows phone and now I’m sharing it. Tada! Lol I rhyme a lot like Dr. Seus when I’m sleepy, I think :P.

The ego

The ego shocks
The ego toils
The ego struggles and
The ego boils
The ego pricks
The ego’s scared
It cares what you think
But it just won’t share
The ego’s high
The ego’s low
Won’t go near that other person
Who’s only so-so
The ego wants
The ego lies
The ego shouts
and will tell you not to cry
The ego doubts
The ego compares
The ego discriminates
The ego tears
The ego spies
The ego’s sly
The ego never feels it has
Enough to get by
The ego plans
And the ego sees
All the things you need to be
Before you’re complete

It needs to hear your compliments
It needs to get your text
It needs to just ignore that girl
Who’s swooning while it flexed
It needs to take precautions
It needs to have a goal
It needs to keep it’s fitness up
It needs to have control

The ego’s a great big bottomless hole
The ego’s a cold shoulder an idea you stole.
It is only happy when it’s on the tip top but can plummet you down to an infinite drop.
If ever you’re feeling it’s sting in this place, running the rat race at a perilous pace. Remember to stop and to fall on your knees to feel from your heart and to hear out it’s plea, to remember compassion, surrender, and grace, that you were a child once, with mud on your face.

Every thing that I’m feeling, is just something that you’ve felt too, every peice that is inside me is another peice of you. We can change it, rearrange it, pass that stranger on the street. We can dress it up or dress it down, and make it look discrete. But if ever you’re without that and it makes you want to hide, recognize it cuz it’s dangerous, a little thing called pride.


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Web developer. Comp sci major, psych minor. Love writing songs and poems. Passionate about tech industry, global dev, feminism, psychology and self help.
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