Whispers: You can be, do, and have, anything.

So I’m doing this Oprah course online called The Gifts of Imperfection with Brene Brown (Oh yeah..all the feels up in here haha) and one of the assignments I have to do for this thing 😛 is to take a picture of a time in my life that I’m least proud of, or embarrassed about, or just a sucky time, and write/draw around it in my scrapbook “whispers” of things that I wished I could tell the person (me) in that picture.

Now it’s taken me a while to come up with a really great whisper. I have the picture, from when I was in HS. I had a bunch of stuff ready to tell her but they were all kind of cookie cutter; things from the course, things I’d told myself before, that I knew resonated with growth that happened for me back then “Forgive yourself for betraying yourself” I even meditated and came up with a little line about standing with yourself and not by yourself and how friends who don’t stand with you can make you feel more alone than when you’re alone and standing with yourself. But I didn’t feel ready to put them on paper. I didn’t like them. They weren’t new to me. They weren’t super profound or inspiring to me today.

Then tonight I was re-watching a video I’d put up on twitter of a talk from Awesomefest:

And right at the moment where he says “You can be, do, and have anything you want in life” I just paused the video, got out my journal and started writing the following:

You can be, do, and have anything you want in life, and the woman you are inside will chose grace, will chose love, will chose greatness. So never ever be afraid of where you’re going, only be afraid of your resistance to that which you would chose from your heart, and snuff it right out before it snuffs out your divinity.

I loved it so much I was compelled to jump on here and make a blog out of it.

This might sound a little funny, honestly, to anyone who hasn’t been reading a lot of the spiritual teachings I’ve been immersed in lately. (and THAT might sound snooty lol) but really there’s so much resistance that gets in the way of us living the life we were meant to, and so much of it comes from thinking we should “do the right thing” when really maybe “the right thing” is just what we think the world expects from us. What our families want, what our boyfriend wants, what our colleagues want, what society expects us to be, or even what we think society expects, when no one really expects anything from us. And at the end of the day, it’s really an excuse. An excuse to not take a chance on ourselves. An excuse to stay within the confines of the ego’s fear based agenda, which, at the end of the day, is really the riskier behaviour, as it causes us the most distress.

Gonna finish this with a quote I put from a course in miracles in my last blog because I think it’s relevant again:

“The journey that we undertake together is the exchange of dark for light, of ignorance for understanding. Nothing you understand is fearful. It is only in darkness and in ignorance that you perceive the frightening, and shrink away from it to further darkness. And yet it is only the hidden that can terrify, not for what it is, but for it’s hiddenness.”

Like Kamal Ravikant says in the video. “Whenever I feel fear, I know there’s magic behind it.” This quote can apply to anything in life, whether we’re afraid to tell a loved one how we feel, or afraid to embark on a new chapter of our lives, or we’re afraid to hurt someone else, or afraid we’ll get hurt, or we’re afraid of judgement or failure or even afraid to make a decision and pick a path. None of these things are as scary as we make them out to be, and they’re all fears the ego uses to keep you in the dark, because if the ego isn’t in the dark anymore, it’s destroyed. The ego is just one big illusion, and it will do anything to keep it’s self alive. Whatever is behind your fear, is the light of day that will snuff out the ego. So step through fear as you would step into the sunlight. And trust that the divinity in your heart is bringing you “one step closer to knowing”-U2

Happy self-loving

Lana 🙂


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Web developer. Comp sci major, psych minor. Love writing songs and poems. Passionate about tech industry, global dev, feminism, psychology and self help.
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