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Web developer. Comp sci major, psych minor. Love writing songs and poems. Passionate about tech industry, global dev, feminism, psychology and self help.

Self help tips for tech lady freedom fighters (Lets stop being scared of Github shall we?)

Addendum: I want to make it clear to anyone reading this blog that I don’t condone the mistreatment of women in tech and that I acknowledge that it is a thing …if that’s not obvious in my addressing said problems. … Continue reading

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Whispers: You can be, do, and have, anything.

So I’m doing this Oprah course online called The Gifts of Imperfection with Brene Brown (Oh yeah..all the feels up in here haha) and one of the assignments I have to do for this thing 😛 is to take a … Continue reading

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Mirror work

I love self help stuff. I think understanding ourselves and how we work is one of the most valuable things we can learn, which is probably why I got my psych minor..not because it was the “easiest” stream of computer … Continue reading

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The Ego

So, so far I’ve taken this blogging thing, too seriously, not that I’ve even touched this blog in ages. I have three half finished blogs sitting in my dashboard, one is an ode to Anita Roddick, which I probably just … Continue reading

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What I love about being a software developer

A developer I met on twitter told me to check out this article a while ago on the benefits of being a female software engineer.  I enjoyed it, but had a few varying opinions so I thought I’d first give … Continue reading

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Happy International Women’s Day :D + Good Quotes

So it’s IWD today 😀 and I was copying out all my quotes from my MSN space that I put there in HS, now that MSN is getting rid of their spaces, and there were a lot of feminist quotes … Continue reading

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Feel Good Music

So a few days ago I was cleaning up my room when I stumbled upon a bunch of cassette tapes and thought I’d give them a listen. Among some of the things that made me smile were a recording of my old … Continue reading

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